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Strategy Coding Guidelines


This will be a frequently updated page. Keep visiting to know what's new!

This page helps you to understand the best practices to create a good strategy.

List of Guidelines

  1. The following Python packages/modules are available to you:

    Package / Module Version
    TA-Lib 0.4.17
    pandas 1.1.1
    numpy 1.16.3
  2. The strategy class should not import any packages/modules.

  3. The entire strategy should be a single Python class.


  • Pandas is available with limited functionality. Direct printing of dataframes is disabled.
  • It is a good idea to include the version number while installing a package using pip.
  • Example - pip install numpy==1.16.3

You may get the following message if the strategy fails to adhere to the guidelines.

Strategy breached code of conduct. Please adjust your strategy to follow guidelines and run again. Halting strategy...

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